What is a Health Activist? White Paper

We use the term “Health Activist” often – to promote, commend, qualify, and truly set these patient experts apart from the pack of run-of-the-mill online health searchers. The internet is a big place and there are so many voices but we truly believe the Health Activist voices are the ones to listen most closely to. These are, as we sometimes say, the folks who have “been there, survived that” and now they’re earning their keep. Health Activists are serving daily as shiny, resounding megaphones for those who share their health condition and are absolutely tenacious in their awareness-raising missions! In this month’s Finish this Tweet we asked you to finish the sentence “A Health Activist is____” to get your thoughts and see how creative you could be with the very title we’ve build our community around supporting.

Now it’s our turn to tell you what we think. We may not be the be-all-end-all authority on defining the Health Activist movement (every day, through your work, the meaning gets stronger and more influential!) but we are on your team. We will always believe in the true power of the Health Activist and do what we can to bring you together and have your leader-voices heard. It’s my own personal mission as Editor (in the meta way I do) to write about your writing and promote your work. I fancy myself a Lorax (but decidedly less-colorful) and “I speak for the Health Activists!” One of my goals for 2011 is to be a better, louder voice for all of you. My first real plunge into acting on this was during the Pharma twitter chat Wednesday night when I made sure to let everyone know how many great things you will definitely do once you’re given the tools from Pharma and the FDA. So I hope you will join me in spreading the word about Health Activism! Tell your fellow advocate friends that they are in the Health Activist club and that, together, you can continue to make a huge difference!  –Amanda

Check out our Be a Health Activist one-pager here:

Be a Health Activist one-pager

Here is the PDF



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