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February 27th, 2012

Social Tone: Health Networks vs. Standard Communities

by Susan

One of the things I love best about working at WEGO Health is hearing directly from Health Activists about their motivations for going – and staying – online; essentially, how the internet and social media has changed the lives of both patients and caregivers today.  Generally, we hear that people go online …Read More

February 27th, 2012

This Week’s #HAchat: Matchmaking with Your Healthcare Team

by Amanda

Photo credit jfcherry on Flickr

This month’s final #HAchat will wrap up our Matchmaking theme and act as a segue into our theme for March: Health Activists and Healthcare Professionals. Let’s talk about the relationships we have with our healthcare teams, PCPs, and how that plays in to our Health Activism.


Do you discuss your blog with your doctor? Does your doctor make recommendations that you share with your community? How do you know when you need to seek second opinions and what advice do you have for starting conversations about improving your care?


Join us tomorrow at 3pm ET on Twitter to discuss these topics and more! And – get ready for March – it’s going to be a great opportunity to see which HC pros are already using social media and how you think that more could get involved.

Why not share a tweet with your community letting them know about tomorrow’s chat? Here’s one to copy/paste:
This week’s Health Activist Tweetchat is on Matchmaking & Your Healthcare Team. Join #HAchat Tues at 3pm ET to …Read More