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July 6th, 2012

The Motivation to Move: Be Your Own Athlete

by Amanda

Here’s a post written by Community Coordination Intern Michelle on a healthy living topic that is especially apt due to the lovely weather and summertime activities many people are engaging in. Enjoy! –Amanda

The Motivation to Move: Be Your Own Athlete

by Michelle Totino

Well everyone, here it goes… my first blog post!  I’m a little nervous.  But first, I should introduce myself.  My name is Michelle, and I’m a new intern at WEGO Health.  I’m not only thrilled to be working with such an empowering company, but the chance to hopefully  interact with the passionate people who lead their health communities – that’s you, Health Activists! – excites and inspires me so much.  What I hope to bring to the table is the opportunity to engage and to motivate you in staying physically active despite your compromising health conditions.  This “staying active” bit could be through sports, which I love, or anything else that gets you up and moving.

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