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How I Birthed a Breech Book: 8 Steps for Self-Publishing a Book

“Have you ever thought of writing a book?”

That was the comment I kept hearing from medical and nursing students when sharing my story with them. After several years of hearing this, I decided to listen.  I’m glad I did.

In between making the decision to write a book, and seeing it published, it was a good year and a half.  Looking back, the actual writing was the easiest part. Join me, as I take you on my journey of writing, Courage Takes Guts: Lessons from a Lost Colon.


Community Insight Groups in a Nutshell

A few months ago, a fellow WEGO Health-nut, Sue, told you about the Truvio survey platform, and called herself the Truvio Guru. Well, Truvio is all well and good, but I’m Corinna, the CIG Khaleesi, and I’m here to tell you about an even better* way to get involved with WEGO Health and amplify the patient voice.

Enter the Community Insight Group, or “CIG” for short. Like Truvio studies, Community Insight Groups are aimed at getting feedback from Patient Leaders about various topics for our partners in the healthcare industry. However, unlike Truvio, Community Insight Groups are live online meetings where Patient Leaders are able to chat and discuss these topics together – think a virtual focus group.



10 Tips for Participating in a Twitter Chat

Each month we host a twitter chat called #WEGOHealthChat.

#WEGOHealthChat is a twitter meet up of the WEGO Health Patient Leader Network minds, discussing topics ranging from advocacy goals to becoming a paid consultant to challenges in building communities and everything in between.

Many times we get asked “How do I participate in a #WEGOHealthChat?” or “I’ve never attended one, where do I begin?” And we get it! It can be confusing.

So, don’t worry if you’re lost and don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 tips for joining in a Twitter chat, like #WEGOHealthChat!


WEGO Health’s Top 10 Tips For Joining A Twitter Chat


The 411 on Planning an Online Event for your Cause

The only thing you need when planning a campaign to raise awareness for your cause is the desire to make change happen…

Of course, there are many other components in planning any type of campaign, network or mission that aims to influence the public and media but, in order to do so, you must be committed to your mission and the endless hours it may take to see it through.

As an advocate, I would love to move mountains with one single thought, story or event but, I have learned you sometimes need to start small. Even if you are reaching just a handful of people it’s about making a difference and building a loyal network in which you create a foundation for larger scale campaigns in the future.

Online campaigns, in particular, offer low maintenance, low cost, target audiences and the ability to be far-reaching. It in many ways can be like running a non-profit for your cause, with infinitely less manpower and regulation.


Webinar: Using Podcasts to Empower Your Voice

Have you ever considered hosting a podcast? Maybe you’re wondering what the advantages of podcasting are? Perhaps what equipment you will need? Or maybe you just want to know where to start!

Well then this webinar is for you! Join podcast pro Shane Schulz as he offers his best tips and practices for creating your very own podcast.



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