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#WEGOHealthChat Recap: Content Engagement Strategy​

What kind of content do you publish on your social channels?  How do you decide what to post?  How do you get around the Facebook algorithm?

During a WEGO Health Awards week chat, finalists from Best in Show: Facebook and Best in Show: Pinterest provided their insights on the matter.



The first question we had to ask was how exactly do our finalists determine what content to publish?

They suggest first deciding if you plan to be narrow or wide focused. Are you specifically talking about treatments within your community? That’s more of a narrow focus and you’ll want to stick to content regarding treatments. Perhaps you’re just capturing a day in the life, that’s more of a wide focus allowing a variety of content.


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Our finalists also encouraged keeping track of your engagements. You’ll learn more about what your community needs this way. Don’t be afraid to ask the community too! It’s totally okay to ask your followers what they would like to see.

Once you determine the content you want to share, how do you keep track of posting it? The finalists suggest utilizing a content calendar with tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. By doing so, you can lay out all your posts for a period of time, download the full recap to learn just how frequently you should be posting!



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Wondering how to foster a community feel? Download our these tips from top patient leaders!

Kristen Long is the Patient Leader Network Coordinator at WEGO Health. Her own health experiences have inspired her to empower other patients and encourage the power of patient advocacy. Check out her blog and follow Kristen on Twitter and Facebook.

How to Build Community & Engagement​ ​From Top Patient Leaders

Who better to help us lead a discussion on building community and engagement than the finalists for Best in Show: Blog and Best in Show: Community?

During our WEGO Health Awards week, these finalists talked about their “go to” strategies for engaging with networks, what apps or tools can be utilized and the challenges faced when building online community.



The pressing issue is how do you build a strong following for your advocacy page?

First and foremost, find others who are interested and involved in spreading awareness for your health condition. The online health community is vast, your community is out there! Find your tribe and get involved!

But once you have your community, then what?

The definition of community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. So remind your community that you are just like them! Be real with your experiences, because chances are your followers are having them too. Being honest can leave you feeling vulnerable, but with vulnerability comes connection!


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And although leading a community is one of the most rewarding jobs, it can also be the hardest! Our finalists shared their biggest challenges as community leaders. Learn how you can overcome these obstacles and all the tips and tricks you need for building and sustaining a strong community by downloading the full recap!



Looking for more resources?

Head over to our WEGO Health blog post on 10 Tips For Building Online Health Community Presence. If you have anything to add, we’d love for you to comment below!

Kristen Long is the Patient Leader Network Coordinator at WEGO Health. Her own health experiences have inspired her to empower other patients and encourage the power of patient advocacy. Follow Kristen on Twitter and Facebook.

10 Tips For Building Online Health Community Presence

You have a blog and you’re pumping out Facebook posts and tweets. But, you’re still lacking on the engagement side of your community.

Where do you start? Who do you reach out to? What should you do? How do you build online engagement within your online health community?

During our Blogging 101 webinar (click to watch the replay!), we had a few question about engaging and building online community. While there are many different ways to answer that question (and hundreds of different tips that we could provide), here are our tips!


10 Tips For Building Online Health Community Presence

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1. Connect on Social Media

The only way to truly become part of the community is to participate! You have to get out there and be active in the conversations which are occurring. This means not only sharing your own content, but sharing others, answering and asking questions, pointing others in the right direction, listening, and helping where possible. In order to be seen as an influential part of the community, you must become an active part of that community!

2. Use Hashtags To Connect With Other Community Members

Option 1: On twitter and Instagram, it’s easy to connect with others using similar hashtags. But which hashtags should you use? The best way is to go looking for others who are prominent in your community.

For example – perhaps you’re looking to connect with the Rheumatoid Arthritis community. A few quick social media searches may turn up Arthritis Ashley’s account. If you quickly scroll through her twitter feed, you can see that she frequently uses the following hashtags: #advocateforarthritis #rheumatoidarthritis #RA #Arthritis #rheum. These hashtags are the perfect place to start while trying to find others to connect with!

Option 2: Check out Symplur’s hashtag project. This project is a free open platform for patients, caregivers, advocates, doctors and other providers that connect them to relevant conversations and communities. This is an easy way for you to see top trending hashtags in healthcare and to view upcoming Twitter Chats!


So you want to write a book while chronically ill? Here’s what you need to know.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to fulfil your dream because of your chronic illness. If you are one of the 81% of Americans that wants to write a book, you may be struggling to see how you can achieve that with your illness. It certainly makes it more challenging. I know, because I have just done it.

There’s hundreds of articles out there telling you how to write a book. And you should read some of them if you do want to write a book. But this is not one of those articles.

If you want to write a book, but you are struggling to get started or finish, because of your illness, then follow the tips below. There’s no reason your illness should stop you fulfilling your dream of writing that book.


Be honest

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2010, and my disease has taught me a lot over the years. One thing it has taught me is to be honest with myself. I achieve much more if I just admit to myself what I struggle with. Which is hard at times, for a stubborn guy like me. But admitting my limitations has allowed me to plan around them. This has enabled me to achieve the things I didn’t previously think possible.

If you are planning to write a book, you need to be honest with yourself. It will help you determine how you approach the book and the writing process.

We are all different. Some like to sit at a desk with headphones in, and some like to go to a coffee shop and write. Neither of these may be options for you, depending on your disability. And that’s fine. If you need to sit on the sofa to write, or do it in bed, so be it. Sometimes having limited options can be a good thing. But don’t beat yourself up because you can’t leave the house to go somewhere quiet to write. You know your body better than anyone else ever will. Admit it, so you can plan around it.


Webinar Replay: Health Blogging 101

Who’s starting a blog but doesn’t know where to start? We welcome new patient leaders to the online health community, but we know it can be overwhelming to start advocating.

What platform to choose?

Where to buy a domain?

How to create the perfect blog name?

It’s a lot!

Join the WEGO Health Network team as we walk you through the health blogging basics in Blogging 101. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Don’t miss!

  • WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr?! What’s the best platform to get started? We’ll guide you through our top 3 picks and help you pick the right choice for YOU.
  • The perfect blog title can be tough to come up with, we’ve provided a variety of examples and brainstorming ideas to help get the creative juices flowing!
  • What happens once you create your blog? We offer our top tips to get your blog up and running- and noticed!


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