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January 28th, 2011

Recap: January HABC 3 Fortune Cookies

by Amanda

photo credit: maza34 on flickr

Our first month of 2011 is coming to a close! Back when January began, we shared our first Health Activist Blog Carnival (HABC) topic of the new year: write 3 fortunes to your health community. In the spirit of our theme “New Year New You: Setting Health Activism Goals,” this seemed like a fun way to look ahead and think positive. We received some great entries – let’s take a look!

In +/2+/post “+/3+/” she went all-out and created really cool animated cookies that, when you hover over them, reveal the fortunes inside. Her colorful cookies tell her RA community:
+/4+/shared three inspiring quotes to propel her into Health Activism in 2011. Check out her post “+/5+/” for the reasoning behind these quotes and what she’s planning. Here are the quotes she chose:
+/6+/took a fun approach to the HABC by doing a little bit of each of the suggestions I made. She did one fortune cookie, one Dove chocolate promise, and one favorite quote. +/7+/ to see why she decided to go with each. Here’s what she came up with:

I think this was a wonderful way to get everyone thinking about 2011 and I loved the creativity people injected into their posts! If you want to write 3 fortunes to your community – please do! It’s a great way to think big and play psychic. And hey – if you think it, you …Read More

January 24th, 2011

January Poll Results: Your Top 3 Goals for 2011!

by Amanda

Earlier this month, we asked you to look ahead into 2011 and pick the top 3 goals you hope to accomplish in your health activism. Well, the results are in!

The number one Health Activist goal for the new year is to: “Post more frequently (on your blog, in a forum or community, on Twitter, Facebook, etc.).” The number two goal is …Read More

January 21st, 2011

Interviewing Health Activists: Mary Shomon from’s Thyroid Disease

by Amanda

To round out January’s focus on Thyroid Awareness Month, we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak with’s Thyroid Disease Guide Mary Shomon about her personal experiences with thyroid disease and her advocacy work both online and off.  Diagnosed in 1995, Mary has been a passionate advocate for thyroid conditions and a Health Activist in every sense of the word. A wonderful and prolific advocate …Read More

January 17th, 2011

Finish This Tweet!

by Amanda

photo credit Victor Bezrukov on Flickr

Get your community involved! Finish this tweet (or Facebook status or both if you’d like):

My health in one word is: _____.

Which adjective fits best to describe your health?

Feel free to use this as a discussion in your community or as a jumping off point for a quick blog post today.

Do you think …Read More

January 14th, 2011

Interviewing Health Activists: Katie Schwartz, Founder of Dear Thyroid™ Part 2

by Amanda

Here is Part Two of my interview with Katie Schwartz, founder of Dear Thyroid. (Click here to read Part One)

Amanda: Dear Thyroid is a different kind of health community and it says so right in the first line of the About page. What made you decide to bring your crusade online?
Katie Schwartz: Being a writer, I have an ongoing love affair with words. I believe that each person (when they are ready) must …Read More

January 10th, 2011

Vote Now! What are your top 3 Health Activist Goals of 2011?

by Amanda

Participate in our January poll! Going off our theme “New Year, New You: Setting Health Activism Goals” – we have come up with 9 great goals for Health Activists (and a space for you to write your own!). Which of these are most important to you in 2011? Which 3 top your list of 2011 Health Activist goals?

Thanks for your vote! We’ll look at …Read More

January 7th, 2011

First Friday: January Post Prompts

by Amanda

As an awesome online health leader, creating content for your health community is your passion! But sometimes it can be challenging to come up with topics to go off of. Health Activists – never fear! WEGO Health is here to give you some post prompts.

Introducing our fun new feature: First Friday …Read More

December 27th, 2010

WEGO Health’s Top 10 of 2010

by Amanda

Well, friends, 2011 is eagerly waiting offstage for its grand entrance as 2010 finishes the last of its routine and takes a final bow. Before it’s all over, let’s give 2010 an online standing ovation (and mini-encore) by commemorating the incredible year it has been!

2010 was a powerful year here at WEGO Health HQ and in the world of online (and offline!) Health Activism. This was a big year for growing, defining goals, and moving from big ideas to real, tangible action. The WEGO Health team had the awesome (and invaluable) opportunity to finally connect with our online friends in person, brought Health Activists together to speak about their common goals and tell healthcare companies what their communities really need, and really watched health social media take flight. And, you know, it wasn’t easy to boil it down to just 10 favorites – but here’s what we’ve come up with! (And read on to see what I’m most looking forward to in 2011!)

1. Boston Health Activist Meetups!

We held our very+/0+/this past April. Health Activists in the Boston area joined us for awesome conversation and a drink or two. For the very first time, we got to see how influential connecting face-to-face can be. Health Activists focused on different conditions came together and shared how they got started and found common ground, realizing their communities need the same support and dedication. The WEGO Health team is lucky to be stationed in such a rich city and now that we’ve hosted a few Boston meetups (+/1+/), we’re ready to expand and visit a city near you. 2011 is going to be an exciting year for meetups just you wait! Until then +/2+/and borrow the tips we compiled.

2. New Health Activist opportunity: Voices to Industry
Two worlds collided when we brought Health Activists and Pharma together in the same room. Through respectful (and frankly, fascinating) discourse, both “sides” of the health sphere met and discussed everything from the necessity of Pharma’s participation in social media to the complex regulations healthcare companies must go through before facing the public with their product. (+/3+/) As an onlooker at our Socialpalooza event and I could see the brain-gears turning as Health Activists offered their honest perspectives to Pharma reps. One of the most memorable moments was when one Pharma rep discussed the rigid regulatory climate that led to the creation of in an invented patient-character tweeting about a condition on behalf of the company. Health Activists on the panel explained that this is not ok with the online community and that patients living with a condition can easily detect an imposter. These are the pieces of insight that Health Activists want to tell healthcare companies and their consensus was: “if you want to know, just ask us!”. +/4+/for more and be on the lookout for the Voices to Industry opportunities in 2011!

3. WEGO Health sponsors Ning Networks! Back in July, Medical Marketing & Media (MMM) said “WEGO Health throws Ning network users a lifeline with sponsorship.” For us, it just made sense. What better way to promote Health Activism than by …Read More

December 20th, 2010

Intern with WEGO Health!

by admin

Our WEGO Health team is on the search for some energetic, talented interns to join us as part of our awesome Boston offices! As a WEGO Health intern you will learn all about the world of Health Activism and online health leadership. You will tweet, blog, research, learn, and more! (If you’re as excited …Read More

December 1st, 2010

Health Activist Blog Carnival – November Wrap Up

by admin

November may be over, but the Thanksgiving spirit lives on! For our latest Health Activist Blog Carnival we asked “What are 3 things you’re thankful for in your Health Activism?” This topic allowed for some great reflection and an opportunity to see some trends in what we all value in our leadership journeys.Here are a few highlights:Susan is thankful for Perspective. She …Read More