Best in Show: Youtube Finalists

Announcing the finalists for the

2016 Best in Show: Youtube Award…


Some peyoutube_titled_transparent_2013-10-22-1ople have combined a bit of offline and online by taking their activism to YouTube! These brave advocates star in videos as a way to connect with fellow patients and caregivers and they are great at it. You feel connected to them and to the cause just because their videos are so engaging. Nominate someone who is a YouTube rock star and who you think should be recognized for their contribution to the community.


Ken McKim

Wendy Lau

The Frey Life

Louise Glover


Health Activist Hero Finalists

Announcing the finalists for the

2016 Health Activist Hero Award…

hero_titled_transparent_2013-10-22-1Sometimes the connections we make in online communities go above and beyond, truly changing our lives for the better. Is there a Health Activist you know whose content has opened your eyes, whose dedication has ignited the advocate within you, and whose work has accomplished things for their community members? Which Health Activist is nothing short of a hero to those they reach? They are the epitome of a Health Activist because they do whatever it takes to make a real difference – and they are.

Alem Matthees

Amanda Siebe

David Lyons


Jessica Gimeno


ICYMI: November #HAChat hosted by Katie Parker

This month we were joined by Katie Parker,@katie5280, and engaged in a conversation about creating and maintaining a safe home for diabetic patients.

Katie Parker is a breast cancer survivor, type 2 diabetes patient, speaker and writer. Katie served as a 2011 Pink Together Ambassador, a breast cancer writer for the Fight Like A Girl Club website, has blogged for the Pink Lotus Breast Center’s Breast Cancer 101 blog and is a volunteer speaker for the American Cancer Society.

 Make sure to follow Katie’s advocacy on her facebook, and her twitter and read through this great discussion we had!


Rookie of the Year Finalists

Announcing the finalists for the

2016 Rookie of the Year Award…

rookie_titled_transparent_2013-10-22-1This was a big year for advocates – every day, people are more excited by empowerment, raising awareness, and helping others. This particular Health Activist just started their blog, site, or community work this year – but they are already making a huge impact. Though they’re new to the scene, they show a ton of promise and are, without a doubt, going to do amazing things in the future. Who is your favorite new Health Activist?



Clara Lemarr

Puja Rios

Amanda Siebe

Ross McCreery

Summer Scirocco



We’re Halfway Through #HAWMC!

A huge shoutout to everyone participating in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge! You’ve made it halfway through the challenge- so keep up the good work !

Check out some of the prompts from Week Two #HAWMC below!


Day 9 #HAWMC by John Rost

An Ideal Day – #HAWMC Day 9

This prompt is an easy one for me to answer. We have kids, grand kids, and family spread coast to coast. My ideal day would involve getting the family together in Colorado to enjoy 4th of July on the Front Range.

Day 10 #HAWMC by Brittney Sheppard Patten 

DAY 10 – The question I get asked the most…

Will he grow out of it? That’s the question I get asked the most. People find it extremely difficult to associate arthritis with someone who isn’t over the age of 60, but I understand. I really do. I mean, it has only been within the past decade that we started using the term JIA (juvenile…

Day 12 #HAWMC by Janice Tindle

#HAWMC A Letter To My Best Healthcare Provider by Janice Tindle

The WEGOHEALTH Activist 30/Day Writing Challenge Day 12 “Time to get real.Write a letter to the best or worst healthcare professional you’ve seen. Don’t hold back!” Dear Sue, When I looked at this Writing Challenge, my first thought was to slam one of the doctors that treated me so badly because he was so absolutely…

Looking forward to reading the prompts for Week 3!


Hilarious Health Activist Finalists

Announcing the finalists for the

2016 Hilarious Health Activist Award…

hilarious_titled_transparent_2013-10-22-1Advocacy doesn’t have to be all business and raising awareness doesn’t have to be all work. The truly funny Health Activists among us really bring a lightness the online health community needs. They address serious subjects with humor – and we love them for it. They may be witty, sharp, dry, or just have a way to tell a story that is truly funny. Let’s celebrate their style and thank them for cracking us up when we need it most.



Bag Lady Mama


The Frey Life

Lindsey Hays

MarlaJan-Luck Fupus






Best in Show: Twitter Finalists

Announcing the finalists for the

2016 Best in Show: Twitter Award…


twitter_titled_transparent_2013-10-22-1It’s not easy doing amazing things in only 140 characters – but there are some people who truly excel at it. Taking an involved, difficult to explain story, piece of research, or words of support and creating an easily digestible thought is difficult. There are Health Activists who have connected with others and raised awareness just by tweeting – let’s celebrate those using Twitter for their advocacy with an award! Whether they’ve created their own Twitter chat or participate actively in others’ chats – they are the model of Twitter for #health.


Tom Kindlon

Hurt Blogger-Britt


Tiffany Kairos


Lifetime Achievement Award Finalists

Announcing the finalists for the

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award…..



Year in and year out we come across some Health Activists who continue to rock the health world. Think of it as the Academy Awards of the Health Activist community. What leader needs to be recognized for their overall achievement over the years? Across mediums, with patients and other leaders, who are the true stars who continue to shine and don’t fit into one category because over time, they have done it all. Perhaps they even started their advocacy before Twitter… gasp! Recognize those giants of Health Activism that have stood the test of time.


David Lyons

Jane Colby

Alem Matthees

Christine Miserandino

Barby Ingle


Advocating for Another Award Finalists

Announcing the finalists for the

2016 Advocating for Another Award…..

There are loanother_titled_transparent_2013-10-22-1ts of reasons why Health Activists get involved in advocacy – but this particular group of advocates has a special inspiration: their loved one. Though these advocates may not personally experience a chronic health condition, they tirelessly raise awareness and have an up-close-and-personal perspective that is invaluable. They are caregivers: children of, siblings of, parents of, significant others of, or friends of patients – who work hard to make the world better for patients like their loved one. Not only do they dedicate their time caring for someone in-person, they also support others in the online health community through their blogs, sites, and social media presences. They truly prove that caregivers and parents need to be at the table alongside patients when it comes to changing healthcare for the better.

Tory Aquino

RA Tray

Sharon Rose Nissley


The Voice of Lupus


Week 1 of #HAWMC!

We are LOVING all the awesome posts you guys are sharing. We know it’s not always easy to write a post after a long day, but we are so grateful that you do! As we gear up for Week 2, we wanted to highlight a few posts from the previous week. Be sure to check them out!

Missed out on Week 1? No worries, join us today and get ready for Day 7!


Day 1 by The Headache Heroine

Welcome to Day 1 of the November HAWMC! First, let’s get to know each other! What drives you to write about your health? What do you want other Health Activists to know about your condition and your activism? Reflect on this for 15-20 minutes without stopping…GO!

Health Activist Writers Month Challenge: Day 1-Why I Write

I didn’t plan on sharing my story with the the world. Not until I was encouraged to do so by a loved one who saw me struggle with my health and the consequences of my health problems every day. Bef…


Day 3 by Nigel Horwood

Quotation Inspiration. Find a quote that inspires you (either positively or negatively) and free write about it for 15 minutes.

“Crohn’s Disease – Wrestling The Octopus” – the companion site to the forthcoming book

Day 3 of the Health Activists Writer’s Month (#HAWMC) – brings us to “Quotation Inspiration. Find a quote that inspires you”. The quotation I’ve chosen is probably not an obvious one for a health blog. You might have been expecting me to have trawled through the “inspirational” websites to find some relevant, life affirming words.

Day 4 by Chris Stocker

Do you remember the day you were diagnosed? Perhaps you were scared, felt alone and surely you had tons of questions. Write a letter to yourself for the day you were diagnosed, knowing all you do now.

A Letter to Myself on My Diagnosis Day

Dear Chris, There is a lot that I would like to tell you that I wish I would have known at the age you are at now. I’m going to just stick with diabetes though. I want you to be prepared that you are about to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.