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October 25th, 2011

#HAchat Recap: Health Activists talk Health Technology

by Amanda

We had a great Health Activist Tweetchat today on the subject of health technology. We wanted to know what patients are using now when it comes to health apps, games, and devices – and who better to ask than the savvy Health Activists that lead them?


Here are our top take-aways:

1. Health Activists are …Read More

July 20th, 2011

FDA Hosts Twitter Chat to Discuss Health App Regulation

by Amanda

Wednesday I came across a Google+ post by Nick Dawson, saying that the FDA was about to host a Twitter Chat on Health Apps and regulation. When I blinked away my disbelief, I was excited to see how they would conduct the chat and, foray as if for the first time, into our turf of social media. It’s common knowledge around online health communities that the FDA has been on pause, at a stand-still, with regards to presenting their regulations for healthcare companies in the social media space. So to see that they decided to use social media to announce regulation for new health technology felt strange and a bit ironic. But who were we to argue – this is exactly the sort of engagement we hope to encourage and, in that – I think, our chat responses were generally positive and inquisitive when they could have veered into indignant and frustrated. I was particularly excited to learn more about health app regulation especially in light of our recent webinar on the topic – when one of the questions came up about regulation and how app creators and users should react. FDA, your response came at the perfect time for our audience and I eagerly await your answers to more questions (off of Twitter this time – you can submit questions to the FDA App team until October. Check out the draft of the guidance document here for more info). While it seemed that the FDA had a bit of trouble keeping up with the frantic pace of a Twitter chat (something many of us can relate to!), I hope it wasn’t too daunting that they won’t try it again soon. As health consumers, and educated, passionate ones at that, we look to the FDA to keep us safe and informed. It was wonderful to have them at the table and share what information they could. Please check out the awesome recap that Tayla wrote yesterday after the chat. She did an excellent job of highlighting the chronology of the chat and some of the key participants as well as explain how the FDA plans to regulate these apps. –Amanda

Jump to Tayla’s Storify Recap!

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June 22nd, 2011

The iPad and Your Health (Activism)

by Amanda

Today’s post on Health Technology is written by WEGO Health intern Tayla Holman (Welcome, Tayla!). Tayla’s post zeros-in on the tablet phenomenon (particularly, the iPad) and how the shiny magazine-sized pieces of technology are sliding their way into our healthcare. Whether you have your own iPad or, like me, still covet …Read More

June 14th, 2011

What Do You Wish Technology Could Give You?

by Amanda

What will toy doctor kits of the future look like?

The health technology world seems to grow leaps and bounds by the day but – our ever-evolving imaginations grow along with it. “That’s nice,” we tell our smart phones, laptops, and other devices, “but I want my technology to do even more.” Or, at least for this prompt we will say that.

If a new …Read More

June 10th, 2011

Health Technology: Apps & Activism Webinar

by Amanda

In honor of our June theme of Health Technology – we’re putting on a webinar event all about health apps. We’ll be discussing how apps are influencing the healthcare world and how they will improve your Health Activism and help your community!

Join us live on Monday, June 27th, at 9pm EST for a conversation with Halle Tecco, …Read More

June 1st, 2011

Health Technology!

by Amanda

This month we will be learning all about Health Technology together. Health tech that you already use, love, and recommend – as well as some new health tech that you’ve heard of, invented in your dreams, or want to try. The important part of our focus is how these technologies will influence your …Read More