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June 8th, 2011

How Tech Is Making Us More Efficient Health Activists

by Amanda

So Organized!

We’re living what Jane Sarasohn-Kahn calls, “Do It Yourself Lives.” By applying the best tools, information, and ambition – we’ve found ways to just about do everything on our own and more importantly, on our own terms. We are well aware of how quickly life moves and we want to make more of it than ever before. This, in fact, goes well with our theme of Health Technology because – we owe a lot of our independent, fast-paced lives to technological devices. As Health Activists, we want a new, better version of what’s out there for us. We owe it to our own curiosity but also to our communities who look to us for conversation on it. Sure, this means we want upgrades for all of our technology but it also means that, most importantly, we want upgrades in our thinking. It’s no surprise that we want so much to be treated like intelligent and self-sufficient people when it comes to our healthcare – we are intelligent and self-sufficient.

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